The Outdoor Classrom

“The park”, named by the children, is home to an age appropriate play structure, bike path, mud kitchen, and sand box.

Most activities that can be done indoors can also be done outdoors. This is what we love about our courtyard area. The courtyard offers the opportunity for the children to have either active, physical play, to be creative, or just relax.
Proficiency in these skills is critical for healthy development as well as later academic success.
This will sometimes require teacher directed activities such as music and movement, balance and coordination, gross motor skills, that is very different from a traditional structured classroom.

“The park” allows for the children’s changing needs and interests. This outdoor space offers a balance of areas for physically active and less active play.

Our outdoor areas are not only used for structured activities, but also for uninterrupted play and interaction between children. This is a good area to practice our problem solving skills.

Come explore our center…

Kids Collaborate was built in 2007 boasting a 7,500 square foot, stand alone building on an acre of land in the heart of French Valley. Our enclosed playground offers an oversized shade structure and 11,000 square feet of outdoor space. We are very proud to be part of the growth in this family orientated community.

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Kids Collaborate enrolls all year based on availability. Call or email the center for information on immediate openings.