Preschool and Curriculum

We offer preschool for children ages 2-5. Featuring full and part time enrollment. We also offer half day morning programs for all ages.

Kids Collaborate wants each child to experience the magic of childhood in an early learning environment. We have designed our unique classrooms to encourage learning in a play based atmosphere. Our goal is to encourage the children to explore their curiosity by pretending, learning, building, creating and discovering in preschool each day.

The curriculum at Kids Collaborate Early Learning Center is a child centered, teacher created emergent style. This means that our teachers collaborate in designing our concepts and topics around the interests of the children. Our curriculum is always developing and changing. The goal for our preschool is to be a learning journey every day. Our emergent style curriculum requires our staff to be attentive and creative in order to develop our ever changing concepts.

In addition to the emergent curriculum, our pre-kindergarten class proudly features Learning Without Tears Readiness and Writing, Math and Mat Man A-Z phonics programs.

Our three’s and young fours are introduced to different age appropriate ideas and concepts. We want the topics to be engaging while also building skills. We use a less formal way to encourage pre-writing skills by doing strengthening exercises, fine motor skills, gross motor development, scissor activities, sensory activities, and hand eye coordination. We strive to provide the children with practical AND creative development. 

* Must be potty trained to participate in preschool program


Let's Innovate
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Science, technology, engineering, art and math expose children to inquiry, which will lead to thoughtful questions. It will expose students to the creative process, offering meaningful collaboration. We have incorporated our Mad Lab into Let’s Innovate. Experiencing the Mad Lab encourages children to be natural scientists. Each day they will observe, describe, analyze and interpret information around them. They will participate in experiences and explore why, who and how. We will ask, “how do you know” or “why do you think,” while predicting what may happen in the appropriate situations. There will be structured science and simple cooking projects, but also time for the children to explore and discover independently. We will get messy by participating in sensory projects like making play dough, flubber and gak (just to name a few).
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Two’s and Young Three’s

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Let’s Pretend

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Let’s Create

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Let’s Learn

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Let’s Build

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Little Learn

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Our French Valley private preschool is a small, well-controlled environment. We monitor the exterior of the center with security cameras. Our front door has a keypad feature, which only allows parents with the proper code to enter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your philosophy on teaching young children?

Our center is very unique. We believe that academics and play go hand in hand. We anticipate children can and will learn academics through play. Play is the most natural way a child learns. A child learns through doing, through their actions, relationships, inquiries, opportunities and repetition.

What type of curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum is developed weekly based on ideas that the children bring to the teachers. The teachers then take these ideas and develop them in to concepts. Most often one idea or concept will lead to another. We have found that children are more excited to learn by personal experience, rather than a ridged curriculum with no flexibility.

Why won’t you teach my 2 or 3 year old how to read and write?

Our curriculum is structured yet flexible, using real world topics. We want the topics to be engaging also building skills. We use a less formal way to encourage pre-writing skills by doing strengthening exercises, fine motor skills, gross motor development, scissor activities, sensory activities, and hand eye coordination. For example, rolling play dough into little balls with the fingertips helps strengthen the same muscle used in writing. It has been proven by educators and occupational therapists that a child before the age of 4 to 5 is not developmentally ready to write formal letters, however, we will begin to follow lines and create shapes, and we will never prevent a child from learning.

Gathering time will include variety of learning activities that may engage letters, numbers, colors and shapes. They will also learn these concepts through a variety of activities done at the center each day. We will not use flash cards or worksheets to teach the children. We have found this method creates boredom and therefore creates a less inviting environment for the children.

Come explore our center…

Kids Collaborate was built in 2007 boasting a 7,500 square foot, stand alone building on an acre of land in the heart of French Valley. Our enclosed playground offers an oversized shade structure and 11,000 square feet of outdoor space. We are very proud to be part of the growth in this family orientated community.

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Kids Collaborate enrolls all year based on availability. Call or email the center for information on immediate openings.