French Valley Private Kindergarten

Kids Collaborate is proud to offer a full day private kindergarten. The ratio for all day kindergarten is 1 teacher per 12 children with up to 24 children in the classroom. Our kinder class will include instruction of our academic program from 8:30 AM- 2:30 PM daily. This “full day” schedule will allow our teachers to incorporate all of the major subjects in to our curriculum. Kids Collaborate offers before and after school child care and holiday break care at no additional cost.

While researching curriculums, we took into consideration that each child is different and there is no “one size fits all” curriculum. At Kids Collaborate we have the freedom to choose our curriculum, which enables us to incorporate all of the subjects in to our school day. Kids Collaborate follows the Common Core Standards, which allows the students a smooth transition to first grade at any school chosen. Our staff is able to provide more one on one attention and direct communication with our parents.

Our curriculum will include:

Health and Physical Education
• Sparks

History and Social Science
• Here We Go by Scott Foresman

• Poems, non-fiction, informational, fantasy, storybooks, and classics

• Color Math by McGruffy Press

• Sing, Spell, Read, Write by Pearson

• FOSS by Delta Education

Visual and Performing Arts
• Artistic Pursuits

Writing and Language Arts
• Handwriting Without Tears

• Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

Come explore our center…

Kids Collaborate was built in 2007 boasting a 7,500 square foot, stand alone building on an acre of land in the heart of French Valley. Our enclosed playground offers an oversized shade structure and 11,000 square feet of outdoor space. We are very proud to be part of the growth in this family orientated community.

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Kids Collaborate enrolls all year based on availability. Call or email the center for information on immediate openings.